How would you summarize "The Wide Window" by Lemony Snicket?

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The Wide Window is the next book after The Reptile Room. The children-- Violet, Klaus and Sunny--are going to meet Aunt Josephine. She's not an actual relative but says she'll take them.

Aunt Josephine has numerous strange fears, such as, doorknobs, realtors and Lake Lachrymose. Lachrymose means sorrowful. (Her husband died there.) She loves grammar and corrects the grammar of the children. Grammar titles fill her library.When the children first arrive there, they meet Captain Sham, who the children quickly recognize as Count Olaf.

Aunt Josephine is charmed by him .She realizes he is bad but that night the children notice that a suicide note there, written by Aunt Josephine. In addition,the wide window in the library is broken. So they think she jumped.

The note has a message--the Baudelaires are to be left to Captain Sham. The children soon realise Aunt Josephine is not dead. She  faked it. There is a secret message in the suicide note.They try quickly to decipher the note because a storm is coming.The storm crashes into Josephine's house which makes it fall in the lake.

The Baudelaires try to locate Aunt Josephine so they don't end up with Count Olaf.

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in the wide windoe( the 3rd book) the children think they can finnaly live in peace with their aunt Josephine, who is a bit esentric, when they incounter Captain Sham/ Count Olaf. when he forces her to wright a suiside note/ will leaving the children to Captain Sham they find the cluse in her note they find her, but on their way back they meet olaf and he drunds Aunt Josephine.