How would you summarize Frankenstein in less than ten sentences?The major points of the book

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

(1)Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a macbre tale that resonates with many moral implications in which there is a complication of good versus evil as ambition versus social responsibility.  (2)Victor Frankenstein, whose obsession to know the wonders of science, drives him to perform something never done before--the creation of a living being--leads him onto a path in which his "vaulting ambition" collides with his moral responsibilities.  (3)When he rejects the creature he had made as it is so hideous, Frankenstein unleashes misery.  (4)Alone and isolated from human company, the creature seeks the warmth of friendship; however, when all who see him are terrified and repulsed, in anger against his creator, the creature retaliates by killing them.  (5)Victor refuses to acknowledge that these murders have been committed by a creature he has made; instead, he holds his guilt within his heart and watches his loved ones be murdered by the monster he has made.  (6)But, it is he who is truly monstrous, for he has rejected his creature and made him so hideous that all others reject him, too.  (7)Nevertheless. Victor's extreme pride prevents him from confessing his and the creature's guilt, and he dies after trying desperately to reach the creature so that he can avenge himself and his loved ones upon it.  (8)Rescued by Captain Walton who is on his way to the North Pole, Victor Frankenstein dies aboard ship; his creature, who has followed him, weeps openly and begs Victor to forgive him, leaving to end his own miserable life as well.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say something like this:

Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant young man who discovers how to put together a creature in the form of a human and is able to make it come to life.  The creature is just as intelligent as a human being but is terribly ugly.  When it sees that people hate it because of the way it looks, it starts to kill people, mostly people who are dear to Victor.

The creature gets even more angry when Victor refuses to make it a mate.  It wants someone who will accept it, but Victor fears having two of the monsters around.

Victor pursues the monster to kill it, but dies in the Arctic from his efforts.  The creature repents of what he has done and goes off, saying he will kill himself.

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