How would you say that music is inspiring?   

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This is a wonderful question! Since "inspiring" is a word that is conceptual, you do need some concrete way of showing that music inspires people.  And since I am someone who loves music and can't do without it, I can offer what I hope are some concrete examples. 

When we are inspired, that means we are energized and motivated to do things, doesn't it?  What that means for me in a concrete way is that when I listen to music, it makes me want to move.  I think it is the rhythm that is inspiring, although some music is too slow to accomplish this.  Wanting to move inspires me to do something physically productive with my energy, and in fact, when I want to clean my house, putting on something with a good beat is the very best way to inspire me to clean.  Wanting to move also makes me want to exercise, and music on my iPod inspires me to walk faster and longer than I otherwise would.  Music also inspires me to dance sometimes, at least, around my kitchen. I annoy my sons by grabbing them and making them dance with me, and sometimes they do not seem terribly inspired, I must say. 

On a more neurological note, music has a great influence on the pleasure receptors in our brains. When these receptors are filled, we are often inspired as well; we are filled with energy to tackle a project, filled with energy to socialize with others, or newly motivated to be kinder, gentler people. As Congreve said, "Music has charms to soothe the savage breast."  Music acts much like a drug in our brains, albeit one with no risk or unpleasant side effects.  If I am having a day in which I am inclined to slack, putting on music will often inspire me to get something done. 

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