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How would you respond to a situation in which you suddenly found out that an orphaned baby girl was sexually abused? What reactions or feelings would you have at that moment? Would you be willing to help her or maybe even think of adopting her? Please explain in detail. Thank you very much!

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As an educator I am a mandated reporter of any type of child abuse.  If I found out that a baby was being sexually abused I would immediately call the authorities and report the abuse.  I would feel a strong compulsion to help the child in any way.  I have a very strong maternal instinct and mightconsider adoption, but I would really have to think about it.  I also have a stong desire to control my environment.  This might play into wanting to adopt the baby.  I might not feel comfortable with someone else handling the situation. I might want to take control of the child and offer him/her the protection that he/she needed.

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