How would you respond to a situation in which you suddenly found out that an orphaned baby girl was sexually abused?What reactions or feelings would you have at that moment? Would you be willing to help her or maybe even think of adopting her? Please explain in detail. Thank you very much!

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I think that the most pressing issue for any child in this situation is for them to receive psychological and therapeutic help.  They would need counseling and the opportunity to talk about the incident, what they remember from it, and its impact on their lives.  Not attempting to counteract this situation can lead to far worse realities.  On one level, to have any child carry this around with them is an unimaginable burden that can have disastrous consequences on their ability to live.  In another sense, perhaps they will turn to a life of sexually abusing others as it is the only manner or recognition that they understand.  Providing social services of this manner to the child seems to me to be of vital importance.

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