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How would you respond to a situation in which you suddenly found out that an orphaned baby girl was sexually abused? What reactions or feelings would you have at that moment? Would you be willing to help her or maybe even think of adopting her? Please explain in detail. Thank you very much!

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Of course I would be mortified and incredibly concerned for the well-being of the baby. The first thing I would want done would be a medical exam. I would want to be certain that the baby is indeed not injured in any way.

I would want to help her but I would need to consider if I were in the right position to help her, or adopt her. Adopting a baby is a very long and expensive process. I would need to give a lot of consideration to whether or not I could afford to support a child. I would also put the child's needs first. If I were considering adopting her I would ask myself if I were the best choice for the child. Could I give her everything she needs? If I could and I wanted to adopt a child then I would definitely consider and possibly pursue it.

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