How would you put "The Open Window" in chronological order?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chronological order means in the order in which the events occurred in time. 

1. Framton Nuttel's sister spends some time in a rectory in the country.  

2. Framton Nuttel is told by his doctor that he must have complete rest, an absence of mental excitement, and avoidance of any violent physical activity to deal with his nerve problems.

2. Framton decides to travel to a rural retreat near the rectory to take a rest.

3. Framton's sister sends him with some letters of introduction to people she knows in the area.  

4. Mr. Sappleton and his two brothers-in-law go hunting in the morning.

5. Mrs. Sappleton opens the window for their return because they always come back through the window.

6. Framton Nuttel comes to visit Mrs. Sappleton with his letter of introduction.

7. Framton is met by Vera, Mrs. Sappleton's niece.

8. Vera tells Framton the story of the great tragedy that happened to Mrs. Sappleton. Three years ago her husband and brothers went hunting and never returned.

9. Mrs. Sappleton arrives and introduces herself.

10. Mrs. Sappleton apologizes for the open window and explains why it is open and that her husband always comes in through the window when he returns from hunting.

11. Mrs. Sappleton talks about hunting, and Framton tries to direct the conversation to other topics, mainly his health.

12. Mrs. Sappleton announces the arrival of the hunters.

13. Framton Nuttel notices Vera staring out the window in horror and turns to look for himself.

14. Framton Nuttel grabs his walking stick and runs out of the house.

15. Mr. Sappleton comes in through the window and asks who just left.

16. Mrs. Sappleton says that Mr. Framton Nuttel was a most unusual man who could only talk about his illnesses and left without saying goodbye.

17. Vera makes up another story about Framton Nuttel.  He is afraid of dogs because of a horrible experience he had in a cemetery.