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How would you psychoanalyze Margaret Atwood's poem "It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers"?

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Margaret Atwood's "It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers" is an examination of the contrast between the speaker's everyday life and the atrocities reported in newspapers each day. 

Early in the poem, the speaker juxtaposes her innocent quotidian actions as a child with horrific events taking place in the surrounding world. 

While I was building neat
castles in the sandbox,
the hasty pits were
filling with bulldozed corpses

and as I walked to the school
washed and combed, my feet
stepping on the cracks in the cement
detonated red bombs. (1-8)

When the speaker was a child, she built sandcastles and went to school, while in other places, people were dying and bombs were exploding. She also connects those experiences to her own by suggesting that her actions caused the horrific tragedies to occur (lines 6-8).

In the next couple of stanzas, the speaker talks about how circumstances have developed as she has become older and has learned to read. She writes,

Now I am grownup
and literate, and I sit in my...

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