How would you paraphrase The Eagle by Lord Tennyson?  

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The goal of paraphrase is to put the words of a text into one's own words, and, in paraphrasing poetry, we also try to make literal whatever is originally figurative; this means, then, that it is possible to have many different paraphrases depending on one's interpretation of the figurative elements in the poem. One might paraphrase the poem quite literally as such:

An eagle holds onto the mountain top with his bent talons;
High up, near the sun, with no other creatures near him,
Surrounded by the blue sky, he perches.

The ocean moves far beneath him, down below,
the eagle surveying everything around him,
and when he dives, he is as merciless and fast as lightning.

Then again, I have even heard the interpretation that the titular eagle is actually...

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nicolaf644 | Student

Paraphrasing is when you put the poem into your own words

Eg:"He clasps the crag with crooked hands"

           Could be Paraphrased into

The eagle stands on high grabbing the mountain rock

 with it's claws etc.

I hope this helped ..Nicola :L

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