Communication in Organizations

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How would you, as a managing director of an organization, be able to improve organizational communication without losing the advantages of e-mail?" The process of using email to communicate is a big thing in our society today. Most businesses use this electronic process all the time.  People in organizations don’t talk to one another anymore. Everything is e-mail, e-mail, e-mail. If you are mad at someone, you can just say it and then   hide behind your computer.

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There are several ways to improve organizational communication. Although, as you point out, e-mail communication is extremely effective for certain tasks, such as broadcasting information that might effect many people (e.g. changes to parking, new standards or policies, etc.) it is no substitute for more active dialogue.

First, workgroups should have a regular meeting with a focused agenda on a weekly basis. Sophisticated video conferencing rooms allow for this to...

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