How would you look at Christopher Marlowe`s Doctor Faustus as a play?   min 3000 wards

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Looking at Christopher Marlowe`s Doctor Faustus as a play, rather than as just a written text, means paying attention to the details of staging. The most obvious approach to this is to attempt to understand the original conditions of performance. First, consider that all of the female roles were actually played by women. Next, think about the open air theatre and how that affects vocal style and production. Costumes would have been the Elizabethan clothing used by characters of the appropriate station. Some of the more interesting decisions were the chorus (costume, whether it chants and dances like a Greek chorus), and the supernatural beings (do they fly in on machines, how do you convey their supernatural character).

For a 3,000 word essay, you could:

1. Attempt to reconstruct the first performance from what is known of the period

2. Argue for a certain style of ideal performance

3. Look at how performances of the play have evolved over the past five centuries

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