How would you help contribute in the development of Canada in the future?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this would differ greatly depending on whether we are meant to imagine ourselves as regular, individual Canadians or as government officials.

I would argue that two of the biggest challenges that Canada faces are 1) assimilating the large numbers of immigrants that flow into the country each year and 2) finding trading partners other than the United States.  These goals are not easily accomplished by regular individuals.

As an individual, I would argue that the best thing you can do to contribute to Canada’s development is to become educated and open-minded.  I would argue that getting an education would help you to contribute to the Canadian economy in the future.  You might be able to gain skills that will allow you to help Canada’s companies become more innovative and competitive.  If you become open-minded, you will be more able to interact well with Canada’s more diverse population.

If you are to imagine yourself as a government official, the best things to do would be to push for good bilingual education and for increased trade ties with Asia.  Good education, even for those who come to Canada without good English skills, will be important for ensuring that Canadian immigrants will be able to fully participate in Canada’s economy and society.  Increased trade with Asia will connect Canada to the fastest-growing markets in the world.  This would reduce Canadian dependence on the United States.