How would you go about writing an ABC poem about Asher Lev?Please include possible an example of your poem

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To create an ABC poem, one must look at the characteristics with most define the person the poem details. In regard to Asher Lev, from the novel My Name is Asher Lev, one would look at what defines him as a character the most.

When creating a list of characteristics to use to define his character, one should be sure to use both direct characterizations (direct information that the author provides about the character) and indirect characterizations (information that the author uses in which the reader must assume or infer about the character).

An example of direct characterization is "I am an observant Jew." Here, Potok is directly telling the reader about Asher.

An example of indirect characterization is "It is absurd to apologize for a mystery." Here the reader must infer what Asher is saying about his character.

An example of an ABC poem about Asher would begin in the following way:

Alienated painter

Strong words: "Self-Hater"

Honest confessor

Simply try to find things that specifically speak to who Asher really is. Without doing so, you alienate him and his character.