Would you look at a label to determine whether you would buy athletic shoes or a garment based on its eco-friendliness?  Would you be willing to pay more for these items?

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I would look at a label to determine whether shoes or garments were environmentally friendly.  I would not necessarily base my entire purchasing decision on that factor, and I would pay attention to the price.  I would not be willing to pay an excessive premium to get a shoe or garment that was eco-friendly.

I do believe that it is very important for us to think about our ecological “footprint.”  I believe that we do have a responsibility to protect the environment as much was we can for the sake of future generations.  Therefore, I do things like buying LED bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs.  I would also pay some attention to the environmental consequences of the clothes I buy.  I would pay more for eco-friendly articles, though I would not pay, for example, double the price of a less “green” product.

It would be important to me to be sure that the article I was buying was truly “green.”  I would prefer to have some sort of an independent group develop standards that clothing manufacturers would have to live up to in order to call their clothes “green.”  If there were a reliable label, I would definitely look for it and would pay more to get clothes that had it.

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