How would you explain the topic of wealth and social class in Prep?

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Prep is narrated by thirty-year-old Lee Fiora as she looks back on her four years spent as a student at Ault Boarding School in Massachusetts.

There are a number of topics/themes in the novel, and the idea of wealth and social class is one of the most predominant of these. Ault was a very prestigious school, and the majority of its students came from wealthy, upper-class families. Lee was not one of these. She was a scholarship student from Indiana. Lee worried that she did not fit in with the students who came from the higher echelons of society. However, there is also a bridge between wealth and social class, new money and old money. For example, the very wealthy Conchita does not have the same social standing as Aspeth, whose parents may not be quite as rich, but have been wealthy for many generations.

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