How would you explain the story to someone who has never read before?  

ayah-hesham | Student

Here is some tips

1. Keep it simple as the brain gets overwhelmed when trying to process too much information.

2. Openings and closings are very important. begin and end the story with the strongest material since this is often what stays with the listener. That is the same reason skilled public speakers often memorize the beginning and ending of a speech but allow themselves to improvise more in the middle.

3. Beware of tangents;  if something goes too far astray, you will probably lose your audience’s attention.

4. Don't forget to pick out the irony and humor of the story’s events.

5. Paint images with your words by describing things using words related to the five senses.
*Eg: "The day that her grandmother died the world looked like a barren place to me. Everything looked brown and vacant."

6. Create suspense by starting out with a provocative sentence or a provocative question.