How would you explain the enduring appeal of Don Quixote?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ability to dream is a powerful and almost universal concept.  Cervantes' work makes this its central premise or idea and this might be a reason why the work has endured over time.  Quixote is a dreamer, a protagonist who sees the world as it should be or as it appears to be in his own mind.  Quixote's subjectivity allows him to make sense of the world, even when others do not understand his vision.  It is the appropriation of the world in accordance to one's own subjectivity, and the experiences that ensue which help to make the work so appealing.  The contrast between Quixote, the dreamer, and Sancho, the realist, helps to describe much of who we are as human beings, also.  There are moments in consciousness where we are Quixote, animated by our own journeys, seeking to right what was wrong, fixated on a quest.  At the same time in our own senses of self, there are moments when we are Sanchos, driven to satisfy our basic needs and instincts, and driven to live in the world that is as is.

mkcapen1 | Student

I think that there are many people who have dreams that they will never pursue.  Don Quixote searches for dreams that he may never succeed in accomplishing but yet he tries.  Many people have dreams that they could accomplish but they give up without ever trying.

Don  Quixote is the poor old under dog and one can easily pity or root for him.  He and Sancho are funny and do some really comical and weird things.  Sancho also has to say the things that one thinks about when Don Quixote comes up with his hair brained ideations and quests .  Even his love interest is not he beauty he believes she is.

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