How would you evaluate the character of Brutus? Is he strong, weak, or something in between?"Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare

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Brutus is a great character.  He is a loyal friend, a trusted confidant, and a noble character whom all respect.  Otherwise, the conspirators would never have bothered with recruiting him and manipulating him with falsified letters to make him feel the need of his leadership.  If Brutus has a fault, it is his sincere love of country or his gullible nature.  He does not immediately take up the conspirators' cause, but he does, after much agonizing, agree that Caesar must die if he is so ambitious as to accept the crown and become emperor for an indefinite period of time.  Before this time, Roman law stated that one man may take the role of emperor in times of great strife, but only for the period of six months at which time he would be expected to step down.  Brutus was led to believe that Julius Caesar would not agree to step down, and all that is Rome would be lost. 

Brutus is a strong, noble, and honorable character.  He is not the best example of friendship, but he is the best example of loyalty to one's country in the play. 

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