How would you design a system for getting correct information about job status to identify delays quickly?

krishna-agrawala | Student

The question appears to be a little confused on several issues. To begin with, the scope or meaning of the term job status is not clear. The job could mean the collection of all the duties and responsibilities associated with the work performed by an individual in the organisation or it could mean any particular job to be performed. If it means a job to be performed, it is necessary to have clarity about nature of the job.

Usually we do not design information systems for isolated subjects like this the job of an individual. The basic concept of information system is based on concept of developing integrated systems to cover the total information needs of an organization or at least a complete function within and organization.

Again it is not clear who is to use the information, and for what purpose. Finally, the mention of correct information in the question appears to violate the basic principles of a good information system. A good information system definitely attempts to provide correct information. But, it also balances the need for correct information with other desirable characteristics of information, such as reliability, accuracy, timeliness, and level of details. Often a good information systems may compromise with the requirement of information being too correct or complete with the requirements of providing timely information and not confusing the recipients of information with too detailed information.

Thus, before one can get down to actually designing an information system, it is better to create clarity on the scope of the information system, the nature of work or activities to be covered by the system, the organisation structure of people performing and managing the work. This will enable the designer of information system to determine the kind of information required by different people in the organization. Detailed design of information to collect, store, analyse and make available to all the concerned persons the information required by them should be undertaken only after such preliminary work has been done.