How would you describe your ideal city or town?

Expert Answers
dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great question, a tiny bit difficult to answer. I think that a person's answer to this question would change as they mature and grow older. Someone in their early 20's may want to live in a big city with lots of night clubs and taverns. However, someone who is a little older and married with a family may think that a quiet suburban town with lots of parks and tree-lined streets is ideal.

As a South Floridian, I believe the city where I live ideal. It is an average of 70-80 degrees year round. There is a kaleidoscope of cultures here. I can taste foods from Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, Germany, Haiti or China without leaving city limits. I also believe that it is this diversity that teaches us tolerance and acceptance.

I live in a suburban area, but if I want to hit a hot night club, I'm less than 15 minuets away from the city. If I decide I want to lay on the beach, I'm no more than a 20 minuet drive from the beaches. I love that there is always a neat festival or concert to attend and if I get bitten by the travel bug, the Bahamas are only a 40 minuet plane ride away and there are always super-cheap fares from South Florida to other destinations.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I actually have the wonderful good fortune to live in my ideal small town, in terms of geography, history, and design. (The local residents leave something to be desired--not the native-born small towners, but the "move ins.")

This gem is located at the top of a 4,000 foot gorge in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. Because it is a resort town, the population in the summer swells to 25,000. But the year-round residents number fewer than 4,000.

For this reason, I get the best of both worlds. We have a five-star hotel, fabulous restaurants, art galleries, and theater. Yet we also have a little school with small-town sports teams, a pizza place, and a real Main Street with little shops. It really is a wonderful place to live.

We have four seasons, several golf courses, a community recreation center, and a nice hospital.

My ideal city is New York. No further description necessary!

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
My ideal city or town would have a low crime rate, a high employment rate, and a solid economy. Since I am a teacher, it is important to me that there is a good school system. I know how crucial that is to the economy and culture of a town. A town also needs amenities, such as walking trails, parks, and shopping.
alohaspirit eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Solid economy, job opportunities, good public schools, good public transportation, energy efficient, culturally diverse, tolerant society, cultural events/festivals, and by a beach!

ik9744 | Student

My ideal city or town is actually very similar to where I am actually living right now. It's a quiet city, except for the trains that come once a week or so. The community is very active and pet friendly. The unemployment rate is super low 5% or so. There is public parks almost everywhere, good schools. Excellent homes, and there is actually quite some free land. there is also public swimming pools and private ones.

Now onto what my ideal city or town would be. I would suggest that the city or town have a lot of fun places to go, like go-karting, paint balling, and games like that. It'll bring a lot of people together and spend more time outside then inside.There should be pet stores, and a daycare for those who are in need of food for their pet or somewhere to leave their pet while they go on a vacation. Good daycare for children's too so their parents could rest. They should have wifi everywhere, like they do in some country [Taiwan]. The wifi doesn't have to be super fast, or even regular speed. Just enough to get to a webpage within 1 minute. There should be sports team, which is very important. They should have competition once in a while. The city or town can't be too big. The place should be very safe, and all the neighborhood is gated and has a guard [Some places where I live has guards/gated]. There should be a variety of public school where they are able to learn for free. There should be a church where people can attend to worship. One big thing that I would list is the place has to be very quite. Also not filled with a lot of people, max capacity of the place should be 30,000. This is a huge idea from me, which many people will disagree is that that the city wouldn't have that much technology. Yes maybe the wifi is the best the technology can get. Since, I want my ideal city to be addicted to technology free. People these days are very addicted to technology and I don't want my city to be the same. I want the city to be different with a good feel of safeness and feeling that people around you care for you. This will make the people who live in the city make each other feel more respected and will make them get a chance to care about each other.

I think this question has a lot of answers, but what I just wrote was my opinion of what my ideal town would be. I'm pretty sure everyone's ideal town would be different in most of the way. Since we react and feel things in life differently.

taangerine | Student

My ideal city or town would be somewhere where everyone is inviting and gets along well. Somewhere that has equal rights, and that everyone is born with the same opportunities. Furthermore, my ideal city or town would be an green one too. A place where it will not harm the environment and humans, so we live in longevity and harmony. 

crystaltu001 | Student

My ideal town would be a place where there wouldn't be any violence or bad things happening. It would be safe to go where ever you want to go. There wouldn't be any poor people or homeless people because everyone has houses and equal rights.

udonbutterfly | Student

My ideal town would have to consist of people who are willing to help each other at any time. I would love humble and down to earth people to run the town. Also parents would not have to worry about leaving their kids to play at the playground because there will always be someone to watch over and care for them. Almost like a free daycare but anyone can walk in and sign their kids in especially if they are in a difficult situation. Also I would like to provide opportunity for those who other wise would not have opportunities.

Wiggin42 | Student

You're asking for a utopia. My ideal city would be free of crime, leave no carbon footprint, operate in a self - sustaining state. People would be free to pursue what they like. No one would have to suffer because everyone would help each other. But its impossible because of humanity's collective human nature. 

epollock | Student

I would describe my ideal town as having enough to support each other, provide luxuries for people that want them, and provide entertainment of all kinds for people that want it. I would also want it to be lawful and safe.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The idea city or town is a matter of personal liking and preference. For me the The ideal city is where I live today. There are several reasons why I like it.

It not a very big or very crowded city with associated disadvantages like long hours of commuting in crowded subways and trains. Yet it offers all the good qualities facilities associated with big cities such as education, medical treatment, and cultural activities.

As compared to nearby big city like Mumbai it also has more open spaces and greenery.

I also like the general culture. People here more in real achievements rather than just external show. In general people are more educated, more well informed.

Then climate of Pune is very good, never too hot, or too cold.

And of course having lived here for nearly 20 years, I have many good friends here.

Don't you think these reasons are enough to tilt the scales in favour of Pune.


frizzyperm | Student

Cultured, old, historic, modern, exciting, civilised, safe, prosperous, good weather, diverse, tolerant, busy, strict car restrictions, excellent public transport, lots of parks, colorful and entertaining.

While nowhere is all these things, close matches would be Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin or Rome.