How would you describe the tone of the article? Is it effective in positioning the reader to...

How would you describe the tone of the article? Is it effective in positioning the reader to agree?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This article is full of PERSUASIVE language.No-one can argue with the fact that motor-vehicle accidents are "horrific."

"Shocking, heart-breaking stories" will soften anyone's heart. The writer is APPEALING to the logic in all people. He is trying to reach not only probationary drivers but all drivers in general. His INTENTION and target AUDIENCE is important because all persons must stop and think about such EMOTIVE issues as these.

Each new paragraph is carefully chosen to strengthen his ARGUMENT without the reader being aware that he is being LED towards a certain conclusion.  

The writer introduces REAL-LIFE occurences to draw the reader in.

"I'm from Geelong(,) and the lead singer of Red Shore, a top local band, was killed last week, along with a roadie, in (a) crash on the Pacific Highway in NSW."

The RHETORICAL questions; for example, 

"Would a 25-year-old mother not be able to drive her children to school because she is a restricted probationary driver? Or would special consideration be given? " 

ensure that the reader can't help but agree. At the same time the writer, whilst REASONING with the reader, ensures he does not ALIENATE himself from any sector ( in this case, young probationary drivers) of the public:

"A large number of adolescents would treat this law with contempt and continue to cruise around irresponsibly with a car full of passengers.

The majority of P-plate drivers do conduct themselves in a safe manner."

Hence, it is clear that this article is a well-chosen text to help students use persuasive language as a tool for their own purposes.