How would you describe the relationship between Mildred and Montag in Fahrenheit 451?

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The relationship between Mildred and Montag can reasonably be described as virtually nonexistent.

The two live their lives on separate planes, each one inhabiting their own little world. As a consequence, there's no possibility of real communication between the two, especially after Montag meets Clarisse and new horizons open up before him.

Guy and Mildred may be legally married; they may live in the same house. But they might as well occupy different planets: such is the lack of emotional or intellectual connection between them. Mildred has her "family," the three talking walls that keep her occupied throughout the day, and Guy has Clarisse as well as the books he starts to read.

Furthermore, Mildred adopts a passive stance in relation to life, so much so that she never questions anything. Guy is different, however. He comes to question the society in which he lives and the service he has rendered to the authoritarian regime in this dystopia through his work as a fireman burning books.

Given these huge, irreconcilable differences, there is no way that the Montags can possibly interact with each other on a meaningful basis.

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