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How would you describe the "level of commitment to social responsibility" for the following businesses and organizations: Monsanto, Tim Horton's, TOMS Shoe Company?

To answer this question, look at each company's marketing of its charitable causes, transparency, alignment of social causes with mission and values, contributions to social causes, and compare them to how other brands support charitable causes.

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To assist you in answering this question, let's take a look at what being committed to social responsibility means to a company. A company's commitment to social responsibility can be described as a company's commitment to ensuring physical, moral, psychological, and social safety throughout the community.

Next, let's review which factors to look for within each company so that you can optimally describe each company's commitment to social responsibility. To assist you in answering this question, look for the following within each company:

  1. Does the company promote its charitable causes through marketing such as advertising, public relations, and community events? Companies want to get the most out of their work for a particular...

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