How would you describe Romeo in ten words?

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Romeo is a romantic idealist, who dreams of falling in love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play and instantly falls in love with Juliet once he lays eyes on her at her uncle's masquerade. Romeo is also articulate and displays his eloquent demeanor during his moving speech to Juliet at the Capulet ball as well as in the famous balcony scene. Romeo is an emotional adolescent who experiences extreme highs and lows throughout the play. Initially, Romeo is heartbroken by Rosaline's unrequited love, but he then becomes ecstatic regarding his future with Juliet. Romeo's ability to display an array of emotions, which spans from hopeless to joyful, indicates that he is a capricious or mercurial individual.

Romeo is also an intelligent, playful young man, and he demonstrates his wit during his humorous interaction with Mercutio in act 2, scene 4. Romeo's violent response to his cousin's murder reveals that he is an extremely loyal family member; he proceeds to murder Tybalt. Once Romeo arrives at Friar...

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