What paralells are there between Proctor's relationship with Elizabeth does it contribute to what happened in Salem?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are some interesting parallels between what happens in Salem and what is happening in the Proctors' marriage.  One is public and the other is private, but there are some striking similarities between both.  In both settings, there is a need, but yet lack for transparency.  The Proctors' marriage opens with much in way of suspicion and doubt, just as Salem is at the time.  There is a lack of openness and honesty evident in both.  In Salem and the Proctors' marriage at the start of the drama, there is a need for individuals rise up and face the truth, communicating about it no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be.  In both situations, there is obvious discomfort, and yet an unwillingness to assert leadership in articulating both it and the potential for a solution.  It is in this realm where both situations start, but is also one where both end up evolving to a better place.  While the public and private are definitely separate in the drama, Miller attempts to suggest that there is a way in which the difficulties in both can be minimized if one possesses the courage to confront the challenges in both.

shauri | Student


their relationship with holds love even though it doesn't show until the end. There is also fear from elizabeth to john because of how violant he can get.Their relationship with holds some bitterness and guilt because of the affair that happened.


their realtionship during the affair was lustfull but after when he sees her again he doesn't fall for any trap she is trying to get him in. He knows that what he did was wrong and doesn't want to do it again because john knows it was a sin. Abigail is just in love with John but hates his wife. So there is nothing between them.


It contributes to salem by displaying that nobody can trust any body and some people will betray others and later feel guilty. So it relates to the hangings that occured and how people judged eachother wrong.