How would you describe Prospero's relationship with Miranda based on his use of language and magic?

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Though Prospero loves Miranda, he is a controlling father, one who is determined to keep her under his persuasion. He keeps Miranda in ignorance about their true identities as exiled nobility until the start of the play (twelve years after they were exiled). However, he seems to have done this to preserve her innocence and sense of goodness. He views her largely as his reason for living, as her welfare was the main thing that kept him going when they were banished from Milan. However, this love is stifling and keeps Miranda dependent upon him.

Miranda is around fifteen years old when the play begins, but Prospero still treats her very much like a small girl, scolding her for not "marking him" throughout his expositional speech in act one, scene two. When he speaks with Ariel later in the same scene, he does not allow Miranda to be privy to their plan; he casts a sleeping spell upon her. Another example of Prospero using language to manipulate Miranda is when he claims Ferdinand is more...

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