How would you describe the personality of Mr. Maxwell in A Week in the Woods?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Maxwell is very passionate.  He cares about his students and the environment.   He makes quick judgments about people. He does not like rich people or anyone who does not care about the environment.

Mr. Maxwell, the fifth grade science teacher, is passionate about nature and the environment.  He creates the A Week in the Woods program to give kids exposure to real nature and explore, learn and write about it.

[He] wanted the fifth-graders to have an outdoors experience they would remember all their lives. (p. 2)

Mr. Maxwell immediately assumes that Mark is going to be a slacker.

For the first two day Mr. Maxwell had given the boy the boy the benefit of the doubt. (p. 22)

Mr. Maxwell makes a judgment about mark right away, but then Mark decides to change.  He has to prove himself to Mr. Maxwell.  He thinks that Mark is just a spoiled rich kid.

His attitude about Mark changes though, showing that Mr. Maxwell really does care about people.  Mr. Maxwell forgives Mark, even after he breaks his ankle looking for him.