How would you describe the narrator of this story?

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The narrator of the story, Jackson Jackson, is a homeless Native American living on the streets of Seattle. Jackson may not have much in terms of material possessions, but he does have the ability to get along with people. Jackson comes across as a friendly, good-natured man with a fundamental sense of decency, despite his numerous travails. Whatever he goes through, Jackson can always somehow crack a joke.

Even more importantly, Jackson has still managed to retain his identity as a Native American. We see this when he spots what he believes to be his late grandmother's dancing regalia in a pawnshop window. Jackson knows just how much the regalia meant to his grandmother and how important it is as an expression of tribal culture. Indeed, so important is it that he tries valiantly—without success—to rustle up enough money to buy it from the pawnbroker.

Jackson sees himself as a hero, valiantly embarking upon a quest to win back the stolen regalia. But he's a somewhat quixotic hero, forever getting into one kind of scrape or another as he sets about his task of raising the money. This makes him a very likable character, as well as recognizably human, in the fullest sense of the word. Jackson may be a deeply flawed individual, but his heart's in the right place.

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