How would you describe Mr. Amos is the book Bud, not Buddy?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question to consider, because when Todd Amos pretends that Bud hit him completely unprovoked, it is clear that Mrs Amos is the character who seems to be in charge and to decide what will happen to Bud. Mr Amos stays silent, not even saying a word, as he listens to his wife decide what will happen to Bud. In a sense, he seems to come across as the weaker character, as it is he who merely does what his wife tells him to do, taking Bud to the shed to lock him in for the night. The only reference to his character is when he stands next to his wife and then when he nudges Bud to go into the shed. Bud reports that when he apologised to Mr Amos, his only response was to "roll his eyes like that was enough for him." It is suggested that Mr Amos is perhaps not as cruel as his wife, as his actions show when he takes Bud to the shed:

Mr Amos handed me the blanket and pillow and gave me another nudge.

If he were to be a truly vindictive character, as Mrs Amos is presented as being, he may well have not given Bud anything to help him get to sleep and to keep him warm. This, along with the other evidence in Chapter Two, suggests strongly that Mr Amos is a character who is dominated by his wife and is something of a passive figure, merely doing what he is told rather than thinking and acting for himself.