How would you describe Miriam's character in "The First Seven Years" in view of what she says and does?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Miriam is respectful to her father and complies with his desire for her to date Max, she has a very independent spirit. For, she shows no concern for the formal education that her father wishes her to attain, nor does she express any interest in Max after their second date, instead telling her curious father that she was "bored." Referring to Max as a materialist, Miriam adds, "He has no soul. He's only interested in things."

That her father, who reads the classics, is more than a little materialistic himself is evinced in his reaction when he learns that a certified public accountants were "highly respected people, so he was content." His character is not as noble as that of his daughter's, either, because he tells Sobel that his daughter would not be interested in one as ugly as he. But, how he looks does not matter to Miriam, for she loves his soul, just as Sobel loves hers,reading as she read; and, like Jacob, is willing to wait.  

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