How would you describe the conflict of "man vs society" in 1984?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fundamental conflict in the novel resides in Winston against Big Brother.  The society of Oceania being controlled by Big Brother helps to establish this fundamental conflict.  Winston's desire to live a life contrary to the desires of Big Brother would be where the conflict of individual vs. society is most evident.  In sensing Winston's despising of Big Brother, seeking to live a life that is not so controlled by the government, Winston attempts to fight a social order that is larger than he is.  His repulsion towards the means of control that Big Brother exerts is evident in his acts of resistance such as keeping the diary, engaging in sex that is not for procreation, and his affair with Julia.  In each of these examples, he is engaging in an action that has been banned by the social order.  His embrace of these acts of resistance is evidence of his own interests being advocated over that of the Oceanic society's.