How would you describe the legacy of Randy Pausch?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fans of video games would say that Pausch's greatest legacy is the work he did in developing programs that greatly expanded the possibilities for use of computers in the fields of virtual reality, human interaction with computers, and electronic animation.

Pausch's students would say his greatest legacy was the lessons he taught as he was challenging them to rise beyond what had been done before. His teaching methodology was based in real-life applications and explorations, and his students excelled because he inspired them with his faith and expectations that they could attain higher goals.

His wife and children would say his greatest legacy was the way in which he lived his life, loving and supporting them in every way, relocating the family close to his in-laws so they could be closely involved after his death, and making a record for his children to keep and refer to in the future through The Last Lecture.

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