How would you describe Jonas's mother in The Giver?

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To a considerable extent, Jonas's mother must balance her important roles as both mother and state functionary. As well as taking care of her son, Jonas's mother must ensure the safety of the community, which she does by tirelessly working in her capacity as an administrator of justice, one of the most important roles in this society.

So assiduous is she in following society's rules to the absolute letter that the distinction between her duties as mother and senior functionary at the Department of Justice become almost completely blurred. Jonas's mother cares about her son as she does with all her family members, but only to the extent that they follow society's rigid norms and rules. For Jonas's mother, what's good for Jonas is ultimately good for society, and vice versa. Intelligent, practical, and genuine in her belief that what she's doing is for the good of the community, Jonas's mother is nonetheless something of a fanatic, someone who's never once stopped to consider whether the rules to which she adheres so strictly are morally correct.

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Jonas's mother holds a prominent position in the Department of Justice and is portrayed as a law-abiding citizen who lacks certain emotional depth and understanding of the true nature of the community. Jonas's mother is depicted as a relatively strict, intelligent woman who leads the family in telling their dreams and feelings during dinner. Jonas's mother is a responsible woman and makes sure her children are adhering to the rules of society. She calms Jonas and administers him pills for the Stirrings after he describes his sexually charged dream and also elaborates on the lives of Birthmothers in the community when Lily mentions that she wants to become a Birthmother. Overall, Jonas's mother is a concerned, responsible parent who blindly follows the community's rules and does not question the decisions of the Committee of Elders. Jonas's mother seems content and wants the best for her children. Despite her upright personality and nature, she is simply another uninformed citizen in the highly structured community.

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