How would you describe John Nash during the first third of the film A Beautiful Mind

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John Nash freely admits to his roommate at Princeton, Charles, that he is far more adept at dealing with numbers than he is at interacting with people, and it is immediately obvious that his social skills leave much to be desired. In fact, it is trying to think of a new strategy for picking up girls at a local bar which inspires his work in governing dynamics.

Since we are discussing only the first third of the movie here, we are dealing with the period when he is working towards his Ph.D. at Princeton University as a graduate student and winner of the Carnegie Prize for Mathematics. Later in this first segment of the film, he starts working at MIT and for the United States Department of Defense. This section of the movie covers a time in Nash’s life before he falls in love or gets to know people who are on the same level as him intellectually and can challenge his ideas. It is also the period before paranoid schizophrenia takes hold of his mind.

In the first third of the movie, he’s...

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