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Jane Eyre is both the title of a novel by Charlotte Bronte and the name of that novel's protagonist

From her earliest days, Jane Eyre's life is fraught with tragedy. Jane is an orphan who lived with her cruel aunt and cousins before being sent away to an even harsher girls' school. She is able to find some comfort in her friend Helen and a kind teacher, but Helen dies from a fever and the teacher marries. Despite all her sorrows, Jane has a bright imagination and a passion for the arts. She leaves the girls' school to work as a governess, first in a schoolhouse, then privately in the home of Mr. Rochester

Mr. Rochester falls in love with Jane, and she grows fond of him as well. While they are engaged to be married, Mr. Rochester reveals he has a strange, dark secret. His wife has gone mad and is locked away in an upstairs room. Jane is shaken by this unfortunate truth, and she acts swiftly and runs away. In the end, Jane and Mr. Rochester do marry, but only many years after Rochester's wife has died in a fire she set to their home.

Because of her perpetual misfortune, Jane has learned to pick herself up by her bootstraps. She has a strong sense of self-preservation after all she has been through. I would even say Jane has a strange sense of optimism, because even if her parents are dead and her fiancé has a terrible secret, at least she has her life and livelihood.

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