How would you describe the imagery used in the poem

luv2teachu | Student

The contrasts drawn between the springtime imagery and the dark concept of death are powerful. "I have a rendezvous with Death/When Spring brings back blue days and fair." Here Seeger personalizes both Death and Spring. Two such dissimilar subjects make for supreme tension. People want to think of death as coming on only gray, rainy, and dismal days. The narrator, though, will be meeting death when the days are filled with fair blue skies. It's obvious, too, that the narrator is involved with war, and he makes that contrast too. "On some scarred slope of battered hill,/When Spring comes round again this year/And the first meadow flowers appear." The landscape has been torn apart by battle. Seeger depicts in a few short words a beaten countryside. Yet it will see a resurrection in the form of meadow flowers. They will cover over the scars. Spring, though, will not bring life to the narrator. Instead, he will face that meeting with Death. And even though Death will come in "some flaming town," the narrator won't miss his date. He will go to meet it, even though he will miss the delights of Spring. Hopefully, he will be "pillowed in silk and scented down."

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