How would you describe the imagery in the story "Thank you, M'am"?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think one of the noticeable aspects of the author's style in this great short story is its sparseness and simplicity. The style of writing is very down to earth, and thus there is not elaborate imagery. What description there is is simple and to the point. Consider the description we are given of Mrs. Jones:

She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but a hammer and nails.

Likewise, the description we are first given of Roger is similarly concise:

He looked as if he were fourteen or fifteen, frail and willow-wild, in tennis shoes and jeans.

We can comment upon the use of "willow-wild" in this description, pointing out how it accentuates Roger's frailty and compares him to a willow tree, limbs flying everywhere, but when we examine the imagery that is utilised in this story we notice that the sparse imagery and description reflects the gritty reality and struggle that the characters face - they are intensely practical and real people, and thus the style mirrors this perspective.