How would you describe the Husband in "The Necklace"? What is his strengths, weaknesses, ways of looking at life, and psychological traits?

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In the tradition of similar French plots such as Madame Bovary, Guy de Maupassant's short story "The Necklace" presents a female main character who is dissatisfied with her surroundings and whose husband is much weaker in character and personality than she is.

In the case of "The Necklace", we do not get a physically strong description of Monsieur Loisel, but we get enough information about his character through his actions.

We know that he is a man who is content with his environment. In the beginning we see that he enjoys his soup quite contently while Mdme Loisel is discontented with the meal. He also seems to care for her enough to want her to participate in the Ball to which they are invited. He even goes into debt, basically for the sake of her after the necklace is lost, and even prior when she wanted to look good for the ball.

In all, we can definitely say that Monsieur Loisel is, in fact, a good and patient man who simply marries the wrong woman. He is content, loyal, and pleasing to his wife. She just is the type of woman who will never be satisfied with anything.


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