How would you describe the Hagar-Lottie relationship in the novel The Stone Angel?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Lottie and Hagar did not get along when they were young.  Lottie was born out of wedlock and therefore, was known as No-Name Lottie.  The other kids, including Hagar made fun of her.

It is a twist of fate then, when John, Hagar's son gets involved with Lottie's daughter, Arlene. 

Hagar is very upset that her son wants to marry No-Name Lottie's daughter.  They seem destined to make a terrible mistake, acting recklessly.  This behavior forces Hagar to seek out an alliance with Lottie in an effort to protect their children from making a mistake by marrying without any money or ability to care for themselves.

Hargar and Lottie see each other after many years, and Hagar suggests, in a sly roundabout insult, that Arlene, Lottie's daughter, does not look like her.  Hagar is determined to bring up their shared past, but Lottie has no memory concerning the incidents that Hagar thrusts at her.


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