How would you describe George Harvey's appearance/looks and personality in The Lovely Bones?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Lovely Bones, George Harvey is characterized as an odd man in terms of his personality, but on the outside he appears to be just a normal man.  Mr. Harvey is a quiet, unassuming neighbor who keeps to himself.  No one has anything really to say about him when the detectives go around during questioning.  But behind closed doors, Mr. Harvey exhibits the classic signs of a sociopath.  He is insanely orderly, and everything in his house has its place.  He is fascinated with building dollhouses and creating these microcosmic worlds that he can control.  It is also later revealed that Mr. Harvey keeps trophies from his many murders, another sign that Mr. Harvey craves control.  So, Mr. Harvey is a man who on the outside appears like just a quiet neighbor, but on the inside harbors serious mental problems.

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