how would you describe a GENOCIDE??

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Whenever a group of people are targeted based on their race, religion or country of origin, and the purpose is to wipe out their race completely, that is genocide. Typically, it becomes illegal to belong to the group, or belonging to the group means a death sentence.
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Agreed with the above in that, in a genocide, the mass murder taking place is systematic rather than random (and usually government sponsored or legitimized), sustained rather than occasional (as in a race riot or pogrom), and targets a specifically identifiable group of people (such as a religion, tribe, or race).

Simply put, homicide is to murder one, and genocide is mass murder, but looking at the recent historical examples - Darfur, Rwanda, East Timor - they all follow a pattern with the elements discussed in the above post and this one.

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To me, a genocide is hard to define, but there are a few things that have to happen in order for something to be a genocide.

First, a lot of people have to be killed.  You can't have a genocide of just a few people.

Second, the people killed have to be of some particular race or ethnic group that is different than that of the people doing the killing.  It doesn't have to be a difference that makes sense, but as long as they see it as a difference and it is racial/ethnic (not political), it can be a genocide.

Third, there has to be an attempt to kill the whole group of people.

Fourth, the killing must be based on the victims' racial/ethnic status.

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