In the confrontation between Abigail and Danforth, examine who "wins." 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The conflict between Abigail and Danforth is one in which he tries to assert control, establishing himself as the central driving force of authority.  Being very big on power and manipulation herself, she will not be cornered by anyone.  Her attempt to walk out of the courtroom and her ability to control the situation by feigning victimization is how Abigail is able to reassert control from Danforth.  She claims that she is not going to tolerate being questioned, viewing it as an insult.  Her act of walking out of the courtroom, being insulted and acting as a victim causes Danforth to bend and seeks to placate her.  In doing so, he gives her total authority, almost as if to validate her as an authority figure in her own right.  It is here in which Abigail wins the confrontation between she and Danforth.  It is a victory in which Abigail has managed to manipulate the situation, yet again, to her advantage.  It is also a moment in which Proctor recognizes that she does win and Abigail is on the warpath, a condition in which she has managed to win over everyone in Salem.  It is a situation in which Proctor recognizes the magnitude of the force he is up against when he sees that even Danforth has to acquiesce to Abigail.