Winter Dreams Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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How would you describe Dexter Green and Judy in Winter Dreams?

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Gretchen Mussey eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Dexter Green is an ambitious person who wishes to one day golf with the wealthy individuals he caddies for as a young man. He is attracted to wealth and also becomes infatuated with Judy as a teenager. As Dexter gets older, he graduates from a prestigious East Coast college and pursues a career as a successful businessman. Dexter is a hard worker and big dreamer who is not an entitled snob. Dexter also remains fixated on the ideal life as a rich man with Judy as his partner. As years pass, Dexter learns that Judy has lost her attractive looks and settled into the role of housewife. Dexter breaks down because he knows his winter dreams are unattainable. He naive believes wealth and physical beauty have the ability to make him happy in life, causing him to be caught up in appearances.

Judy Jones is an attractive woman who receives attention from many men throughout the story. Despite her beautiful appearance, she is superficial and callous. She is also an aggressive woman who goes after any man she desires but is not a joyful person. Judy is a fickle woman who is never satisfied. Her beauty is only skin deep, and she turns out to be an unhappy person.

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linda-allen eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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There is a wonderful description of these characters right here at eNotes.

Briefly, Dexter is a gullible young man who falls for the charms of and lively personality of the wrong woman. He is loyal and patient, but he does eventually realize that Judy is only playing with his affections.

Judy is the classic femme fatale, the girl whom every man desires. She flirts; she seduces; she toys with men's feelings and plays one against another. But she never seems to realize what she is doing. Her beauty and charm are her only assets, but she reveals much about her character when she says of herself, ‘‘I'm more beautiful than anybody else … why can't I be happy?’’

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