How would you describe Daisy's state of mind during dinner?It has to refer to the dinner in chapter 1.

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this first chapter at dinner, Daisy is putting on an act to cover her troubled mind. She laughs at her own statements (which aren't necessarily funny) and says overly dramatic things such as telling Nick "there was no one in the world she so much wanted to see." Nick tells her that a dozen people had sent their love to her when he'd stopped in Chicago. He claims the town is desolate. Daisy replies, "How gorgeous!" She also calls Tom's racist books profound, but because of their strained relationship (Daisy is aware of Tom's affair), she could be sincere or sarcastic. 

Following the phone conversation between Tom and Myrtle, Nick notices Daisy's turbulent emotions. Daisy comes across as shallow and flippant but her behavior is a reaction to her despair with her life. It would be logical to criticize Daisy but also feel some sympathy for her. Overall, Daisy seems ill at ease. 

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