How would you describe Chris's personality in Into the Wild?

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Chris was a typical young man who had lived a typical life. He grew up in relative comfort, perhaps even a bit sheltered, from the harsh realities of the world.

Like many college students, he wanted to journey and experience life at its most basic level. I would not describe him as foolhardy as much as I would say that he was inexperienced and ignorant to the harsh realities of the power of mother nature. Many young adults just don't recognize or fully appreciate that, yes, they can in fact die, even at the age of 22 or 23. That lesson comes with age and life experience.

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Yeah...I suppose he seemed well adjusted, althletic and bright but I would describe his personality as shortsighted and foolhardy.

David Henry Thoreau's Waldon Pond was just miles outside of Boston. In fact, from some places near the pond, you can see the city. This was NOT the case for Chris. He was hundreds of miles from a big city in the middle of possibly the most wild national park in all of the US.

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According to the reminiscences of his family and university friends, McCandless was a seemingly well-adjusted twenty-two-year-old at the time of his disappearance. He was athletic, bright, and a natural-born entrepreneur, excelling at so many things that he tended to be overconfident. A double major with above average grades, he led a life of comparable comfort and good fortune. He worked on the student newspaper at Emory University and, like many other people his age, thought about injustice in the world around him