How would you describe the character of Nag?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reader first learns of Nag from Darzee, who tells Rikki Tikki that Nag ate one of their babies, and then suddenly Nag appears.

He is described as being five feet long and as wicked as any snake ever was. He has the marking on his hood that looks "like the eye part of a hook-and-eye fastening." He is very strong and has had free reign of the garden for quite some time. Even the humans are frightened of him and Nagaina, his wife.

He is ruthless, willing to kill the man to try and regain control of the garden. He is so strong and powerful that Rikki Tikki knows that once he has hold of his head, he cannot let go. And nowhere else could he bite him and do damage; Nag is simply too powerfully built.