How would you describe the character of Buddy in the story "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote?

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"A Christmas Memory," which has been called "fiction of nostalgia," presents the reader with a perspicacious and sensitive boy named Buddy.

Buddy has a sensitivity and understanding well beyond his young years. For instance, at the mere age of seven, Buddy understands that his distant cousin and friend is "still a child." Much like his eccentric relative, Buddy possesses a vivid imagination and an artistic delight in nature. After they have ventured into the forest to gather pecans for their Christmas fruitcakes, the imaginative and artistic Buddy and his cousin return to the kitchen in order to hull their pecans. Buddy describes their activity in scintillating and lyrical prose, which also reveals his delight in nature: 

Our backs hurt from gathering them: how hard they were to find. . . among the concealing leaves, the frosted, deceiving grass. Caarackle! A cheery crunch, scraps of miniature thunder sound as the shells collapse and the golden mound of sweet oily ivory meat mounts in...

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