Describe Blanche, Stella and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Blanche is the central character and appears in every scene. The action of the play revolves almost entirely around her. 

Blanche is a classic Southern Belle, to all appearances genteel and ladylike and chaste, the representative of an old and decaying aristocracy which is being rapidly displaced by the social changes of early twentieth-century America. Without a home of her own, Blanche has been cast adrift and struggles to cope. She normally hides her anxieties under a somewhat domineering exterior as she attempts to impose her ideas on her sister Stella and brother-in-law Stanley. She is particularly locked in a contest of wills with Stanley who deeply resents her interference.

As the play wears on Blanche's failings are exposed; contrary to the high ideals and lofty morals which she espouses, she lies, drinks and sleeps around. Therefore she is nothing like as refined as she pretends to be. But her vulnerability also becomes clear; she has never recovered...

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