She Walks in Beauty Questions and Answers
by Lord George Gordon Byron

She Walks in Beauty book cover
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How would you describe the beauty of the woman in Byron's  "She Walks in Beauty" in your own words?  

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As this subtly stunning young woman glides into the room so quietly, her beautiful, flowing black hair reminds me of the velvety loveliness of a dark sky on a clear night. Her hair is black like the night. Her smile, her glow and her sweet face are like the stars shining brightly against that black sky. She walks with grace. She radiates calm, mellowness and peace, all of which remind me of the gentle softness of the midnight sky. She is not gaudy or bright in a garish way like the daytime's sun. In fact, I find her a perfect mix of darkness and light. I believe the harmonious beauty of her body mirrors the gentleness and purity of her soul, as well as reflecting a heart filled with an innocent love. 

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