How would you describe the attitude toward the supernatural expressed in this play?

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Shakespeare uses the supernatural in "Macbeth" the way he does in many of his other plays where supernatural events occur. These events add a sense of mystery and suspense to the action. In addition, during the time when Shakespeare wrote these plays, many people believed in supernatural events. The audience was probably extremely familiar with the idea of witches and the idea that they were considered evil. Thus, by listening to the witches, Macbeth shows his ambition and tendency towards evil as he tries to help make the witches prophecies come true. The witches add to the evil intentions of Macbeth and his wife and we see their actions, not only in the light of an ambitious people, but also a couple who can be tempted to evil simply by suggestion.

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The supernatural is very much applauded. It DOES add mystery & suspense, as ms-mcgregor mentioned. The characters take everything said by the witches seriously & allow their words & the supernatural events to aid them in their decision making. The supernatural also effects the mood of the scene.

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